Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday - June 19, 2011

And on the fourth day, Oslo slept.

Most things are closed in Oslo on Sundays, except some food places, pubs, and the occasional portal to the Medieval/Renaissance Period.

As such, I spent most of the day at a Ren Faire.

Now, having never lived in said make-believe hybrid period, my guess is that a Norwegian ren faire is as authentic as they come. Afterall, these people basically live like they are in the dark ages anyway. (Button toilets and shift+7 for forward slash?? What the hell is this?!)

There was jousting, crafts, old-timey costumes, wooden swords, geeks, and tens of millions of children on flutes and penny-whistles. Instead of roast turkey leg, they had salmon. For.serious.

It's amazing how small a city Oslo is; with no exaggeration I recognized three faces in the crowd at the faire that I had seen in other parts of the city. Amazing.

These are the things I have discovered on my fourth day:
  • You don't need to pull on Russians, just rocking them back and forth will do the trick.
  • There are X-Men headquarters in the American Embassy
  • Children rule. If you are in a hymn choir, it's best to come to terms with that right away.


  1. Oddly enough, Hilary and I spent Saturday at a Renaissance fair. Mead and Mutton they called it. They were sold out of mutton by the time I got there, but as luck would have it, I randomly happened upon a completely different festival on Sunday that was also serving mutton.

  2. As luck would have it... for the entire planet. Rick's mutton-lust knows few bounds!