Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday - June 17, 2011


I'm serious.

After grocery shopping at the ridiculously overpriced food stores, we took a walk to the bay and port to the Atlantic to see the tall ships. But first, apparently, we needed to force our way through throngs of Norwegian teenagers (or as I have dubbed them, Norwægers) who were there for the whitest hip-hop/pop fusion concert I've seen since Vanilla Ice and Snow had their ill fated concert tour: Gone Slushie.

The tall ships were beautiful, with The Dreamtrigger catching my eye immediately.

We found a tourest gift shop that sold reindeer parts, and avoided a Burger King and McDonalds that didn't.

As predicted, the severed seagull head was still at the street corner, now giving advice. Anna thought it had its caws interpreted by a psychic, I perfered the idea of it giving the same advice to all the locals that qued up; Don't lose your head!

These are the things I have discovered on my second day:
  • Trolls are Norway's 1980s era Smurfs, but they kick infinitely more ass.
  • Bands of feral cats clean the streets of Oslo every night.
  • How an umbrella works.

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