Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday - June 20, 2011 (Part 2)

First off, the post for yesterday was super-brief. In reality, I did quite a lot.

The day began the way it does for all Norwegians, battling a small blond child. After having my ass handed to me on the physical front, I went off to seek my fortune playing high-stakes games of Ludo, where naturally I was the champion.*

As is custom, I attacked Oslo's famed "Fortress" like so many would-be nation conquerors before me. Once a Viking stronghold, it was rebuilt year after year, period after period, up until the Nazi's occupied it during World War II. The building were a fascinating mix of old world and really old world. There were stone arches for trolls to hide, and dungeons that led to the sea.

She discards all her Ludo-opponents into the Atlantic.

The day also featured playing with Legos, watching Norwegian Ducktails, and hatching robot-dinosaurs.

We ate the best pancakes forged by mortal man. The ultimate pancakes. The One-Ring of pancakes.

Yes, you are jealous.

*Legally I am required to admit that Anna did win as well, and Idun just let me think I won.

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